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Preteen - Hot Preteen Models

Preteen years are very exciting - you are somewhere in between childhood and adolescence and makes you wonder what you will be when you become an adult. Many preteens think of becoming a model. They think it is a hot and great-paying job. But here are some realities about preteen modeling or modeling in general.

1. If you become a preteen model, there is no guarantee you will forever be a model. 

2. It's not all about being a hot preteen. You have to have camera presence. Many beautiful people never succeed in modeling because they show no depth or emotion in photos.

3. You have to be skilled at posing and must understand body your own language.

4. There's a good chance you will trail behind in school matters.

5. You must have an alternative choice of career in case modeling doesn't work out for you.

6. It's not all about the glamour. You have to be tough, physically and emotionally. When you don't do a great job, people will yell at you but you shouldn't take it personally.

7. There will be lots of people who might take advantage of you so you must be careful and stick to the people who love you.

8. You must learn how to connect and build friendships with people. Modeling is about "knowing someone who knows someone" and networking.

9.You have to have confidence. People will be criticizing you a lot - you just have to do your thing and don't mind other people.

10. You have to be diligent and dedicated. Most of the time, call time for models are very early, so you have to get up early and always be polite no matter how tired you are.

Being a preteen in the world of modeling can be very exciting. It can serve as a playground - a place for you to explore as well as develop your skills but without a family behind you or values and beliefs that you stand for, you can get lost in it and never be the same person again. So if you decide to take on preteen modeling or have a modeling career when you become an adult, always remember that only the toughest remain standing.

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